AH! The 2 Year Old Khaliyal LLoyi is rapping again, killing the scene! As it goes on he starts really catching the beat, this is awesome for many reasons. The Dad (who spends beautiful amounts of time will all his sons) has his 4 and 8 year old reading books on the president, the holocaust (“Holocaust for Beginners”), comic books, other history books, ect., Intelligent and well-roundedness is key.

THIS BABY!!!!! HE’S BACKKKKKKKK! OMG, the first video put the biggest smile on my face, sooooooooo talented. Seriously the way he catched the beat and his flow. And it’s so beautifu to see the great relationship he and his dad have. Just having fun, and he’s sooooooo cute! Watch out! I want another video, this one brought another smile on my face and the amount of intelligence this bubba has is just…woah!

I WANT TO WRITE A BOOK ABOUT ALL THE REASONS WHY THIS IS AMAZING AND MIRACULOUS AND MAKES ME WANNA CRY OUT IN JOY.  Like…there are SO MANY THINGS to be said about how beautiful and wonderful this interaction is.  So many Africanisms. So much knowledge being shared. It’s so beautiful. So, so beautiful!

the way so much is being taught in this interaction between the father, the son and the music - with all its complexities - is amazing.

Rhythm, language, math (i.e., beats)…

I’d even add silence, structure and space,

HIS NAME (seriously, that moment was cuteness overload)

AND THE ENCOURAGEMENT AND AFFIRMATION this adorable little black boy has is powerful.

Passing on the stories, wisdom and knowledge as we do.

I can’t handle how adorable this toddler is! Go Khaliyal!