Feeling very grateful. 2012 marks my 10th year as a teacher and community educator. 2012 marks my 5th year in traditional classroom settings. 2012 also marks the year when Allah presented me with the opportunity to merge my pedagogical practices with my art at the Brooklyn Museum.

Feeling very grateful to have had 10 years of students who have transformed me. Grateful to get messages from my babies in college, my babies working everyday, my babies raising their babies while in college and working.

Grateful for my new students in East New York. My kids who folks have given up. My kids who make me want to cry and laugh simultaneously. My kids who just need a hug. My kids who sneak to read on my pillows during lunch. My kids who readily huddle in circles to talk about what it means to be a black man, what it means to navigate the misery of their community, what it means to have dreams, what it means to be incarcerated and still have hopes, what it means to lose everybody and find family in those with no blood relation, what it means to have a teacher who loves them, what it means to believe in themselves, what it means to use yoga to calm their spirit, what it means to be human in a society that wants to deny them their humanity. Just humbled by all that life has blessed me with recently.

Nothing is easy, but I know the work I do is the work I was meant to do.