I started making a gratitude list at the beginning of the week and then I was so exhausted that I did not have time to write it out everyday so I am sharing it all at once.

In no particular order, I am grateful for: my wide hips, a forgiving creator, my ability to forgive, short train rides, children with afros that grow toward the sky, vegan chicken lo mein, my undiagnosed case of adhd which leaves me overwhelmed by the countless beautiful ideas that collide with one another in any given moment, the vastness of the world and my desire to explore every bit of it, eating quesdillas with caits, getting a new residency and expanded studio space, friends who dream vividly and aloud, the kid who in explaining why he smokes so much breaking down how city planning has left kids in the hood with nothing to do or to look at and ended his narrative with, ‘look, where they messed up was building the projects’ — he is failing all of his classes, but is astute enough to make this observation, overcast saturday mornings, restorative prayer and restorative justice, starting new projects, green tea kombucha, my chucks, collaboration, my home library, waiting for rain, lucid moments where I can honestly reflect on my life choices, and 8 hours of sleep.