Dear Mambu Badu Family, 

Thank you so much for supporting Mambu Badu over the past few two years. This has been an extraordinary experience where we’ve learned countless lessons about building community, tightly curating projects, and collaborating with one another.

Last Monday, we made a mistake — a mistake that no arts organization likes to make. Unfortunately, the non-proofed digital edition of the magazine was released and we had to pull it down. We are working behind the scenes to triple and quadruple check our proofed edition to ensure that you receive the highest quality magazine. We want to apologize to our faithful supporters who purchased a copy (you’ve been refunded!). We also want to apologize to our contributing artists, many of whom we have spoken to or emailed individually. 

Your continued support of Mambu Badu is humbling. As 2012 comes to an end and Mambu Badu reflects on transitioning into our third year as a collective, we are excited to recalibrate and set some new goals for ourselves. At the top of our list is releasing a new website to host contributing artists portfolios and an intimate Mambu Badu networking event in Washington, D.C. 

As we march into another year, please continue to dream with us.

Peace + Light,

The Ladies of Mambu Badu